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LIJU Participates in the Compilation of National Standards again

The national standard GB/T43676-2024 "General Technical Requirements for Water-Cooling Premixed Low-NOx Burners," co-drafted by Zhejiang University and Zhejiang LIJU Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd., among other units, was officially issued on March 15, 2024, and will come into effect on July 1.


Water-cooling premixed combustion, as a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly new combustion method, has been widely applied in gas boilers in China in recent years. It is necessary to introduce a national standard on water-cooling premixed combustion to better promote the healthy development of the industry. In March 2021, Professor Cheng Leming from the School of Energy Engineering at Zhejiang University led the application to the National Committee for Standardization of Combustion Energy Saving and Purification (TC441) and obtained a national standard number. After three years of compilation and discussion, it was finally officially issued.

As the inventor of water-cooling premixed combustion technology, LIJU feels responsible and obligated to standardize the design, manufacturing, and acceptance of water-cooling premixed low-NOx burners. For this reason, LIJU actively participated in drafting the standard, hoping to contribute to the safe application of water-cooling premixed burners and the development of related supporting industries.


LIJU Water-Cooling Premixed Combustion Technology

Compared with conventional diffusion combustion, water-cooling premixed burners and boilers have the advantages of small size, compact structure, full combustion, and ultra-low NOx emissions. It is the latest third-generation gas combustion technology internationally, widely used in industrial heating equipment, home heating systems, power equipment, and various other civil and industrial production processes.


WCB Water-Cooling Premixed Vacuum Hot Water Boiler


WCB Water-Cooling Premixed Condensing Steam Boiler


WCB Water-Cooling Premixed Heat Pipe Steam Generator

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