Company Profile

Founded in 1997, LIJU Companies have become one of the leading commercial & industrial gas-boiler manufacturers, with 700 employees, 100 arces land,  over 3000 units of boilers annual yield.

Core technologies: 

■"WCB" Water-Cooling Premixed Combustion technology, patented in China and the U.S.

■Heat-Pipe Heat Transfer Technology 

■Phase-Change Heat Exchange Technology

corporate culture
Brand Connotation



No Boiler Explodes


Contribute to manufacturing  safer and more energy saving  boilers for the world


To provide client-oriented service, and to create both material and spiritual wealth for all employees.

Road To Success
1997-Company Establishment

LIJU Companies were established and successfully developed the Fuel-Fired Vacuum Hot Water Unit .

2000-Electric Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

LIJU launched the  Electrode Vacuum Hot Water Boiler .

2007-The First Production Base

The 1# production base in Huzhou Daixi Industrial Park was put into production 

2008-Ultra-Low NOx Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

LIJU launched  Water-Cooling Premixed Ultra-Low NOx Vacuum Hot Water  Boiler.

2011-The Steam Generator

LIJU launched  Supervision-Free Steam Generator.

2012-The second production base

The 2# production base in Huzhou Deqing Industrial Park was put into operation.

2014-The Sixth-Generation Vacuum Hot Water Bolier

LIJU's fifth-generation Vacuum Hot Water Boiler was fully upgraded to the sixth-generation Ultra-Low NOx Vacuum Hot Water  Boiler.

2017- Class A boiler manufacturing license and Ultra-Low NOx Steam Boiler

LIJU acquired Class A Boiler Manufacturing License,  launched Water-cooling Premixed Ultra-low NO Steam Boiler and  Electrode  Micro-pressure Phase-Change Hot Water Boiler.

2018-ASME Certification and Super Gas Hot Water Boiler

LIJU acquired  ASME Certification,  launched Low-Pressure Electrode Hot Water Boiler and Super Gas Hot Water Boiler.

2019-“Zhejiang Made” Award

 LIJU was awarded "Zhejiang Made"

2020-The 35MW Phase Change Hot Water Boiler

LIJU  launched  35MW Water-cooled Premixed Ultra-Low NO Micro-pressure Phase Change Hot Water Boiler.

2021-The third Production Base

The 3# production base in Huzhou Daixi Industrial Park was put into production  and the company was renamed to Zhejiang LIJU Thermal Energy Equipment Co.,LTD.

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