11.2023 02
"Embarking on a journey" – HEAT@POWER exhibition in Russia

From October 24th to 26th, Zhejiang LIJU Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd. actively participated in the HEAT@POWER exhibition, wherein the company showcased its products and technical prowess to clients from Russia and around the world.



During the exhibition, LIJU showcased Ultra-low NOx condensing steam boiler and Ultra-low NOx Vacuum hot water boiler which has its full ownership of property rights.These products incorporate LIJU's cutting-edge low NOx  water-cooling premixed combustion technology and boiler expertise, offering high efficiency, environmental friendliness, and safety, which garnered significant acclaim from the clientele.Concurrently, we presented our service philosophy and corporate culture to clients, receiving their profound appreciation.


LIJU remains steadfast in its commitment to technological innovation, persisting on the path of high-quality development.During this journey, we keenly recognized that the progress of science and technology is akin to rowing against the current. Once, we studied advanced technology from the "Soviet Union," and now we find ourselves at the forefront of the market in cutting-edge technologies.

Participating in this exhibition has proven to be an exceedingly valuable experience for us, granting us a more profound understanding of market dynamics and customer requirements. It stands as a pivotal component of LIJU's "going global" strategy.

Lastly, we extend our gratitude to all the clients and friends who have supported and followed LIJU. LIJU remains by your side on the path of efficient, eco-friendly, and low-carbon development.

If you have any queries, get in touch today! Don't hesitate. We try to take the extra step for our customer satisfaction.