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Driving Massive Equipment Renewal, LIJU Has Always Been in Action

On March 7, 2024, the State Council issued a notice on the "Action Plan for Promoting Large-Scale Equipment Renewal and the Trade-In of Old for New Consumer Goods," calling for the advancement of equipment updates and technological upgrades in key industries. Centering on advancing new industrialization with energy conservation, carbon reduction, and ultra-low emissions as key directions, there is a strong push for the renewal and technological transformation of production and energy-consuming equipment.

In fact, years ago, LIJU began to carry out equipment renewal activities for "high energy-consuming entities" with its globally pioneering and patented in China and the USA, the new type of gas boiler product—LIJU Water-Cooling Premixed Ultra-Low NOx Condensing Steam Boiler. By replacing traditional gas boilers, it has improved boiler efficiency, reduced flue gas emissions, and helped enterprises achieve both economic and environmental benefits.

Retrofit Case One:

In Dongguan, Guangdong, a benchmark enterprise in the corrugated paper industry originally had two 4-ton gas throughflow boilers from a Japanese brand, providing steam for the production line and consuming over 3 million  of gas annually. In 2023, all were upgraded to LIJU high-efficiency boilers, saving over 200,000 of gas and nearly 1 million RMB in costs annually. The boilers also achieved ultra-low NOx emissions below 30mg/m³.


Retrofit Case Two:

In Huaian, Jiangsu, a concrete pipe pile manufacturing enterprise had installed a 10t/h German brand gas water tube steam boiler in 2017, consuming 2 million of gas annually. After a low-NOx retrofit in 2020 resulted in significantly higher energy consumption, the enterprise decided to upgrade to LIJU water-cooling premixed gas boilers in 2023. Following the upgrade, gas consumption significantly decreased, with an energy saving rate of 18%, saving 1.7 million RMB annually and recouping the full investment within a year.


Retrofit Case Three:

In Meishan, Sichuan, a renowned dairy product manufacturer primarily used steam for heating and sterilizing the milk production line. Originally, it had one 15-ton and one 10-ton conventional horizontal steam boiler. Due to high energy consumption and NOx emissions, in 2023, they were replaced with three 4t/h LIJU ultra-low NOx condensing steam boilers. After the upgrade, NOx emissions were reduced to below 25mg/m³, the overall energy-saving rate was over 8%, and boiler operation noise was lowered, enhancing the working environment for employees.


New technological products contribute to societal development with higher efficiency and lower emissions, acting as a driving force for developing new quality productive forces. Importantly, they do not require substantial economic subsidies from the state and can achieve self-balancing with significant economic benefits for enterprises.

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