12.2023 06
The experts from National Combustion Standard Committee visit LIJU

On December 3, 2023, experts and scholars from the National Combustion Energy Saving and Purification Standardization Technical Committee visited the beautiful Deqing headquarters of LIJU for an inspection and exchange session.


Natural gas premixed combustion involves the pre-mixing of air and natural gas before ignition in the furnace. This process ensures complete combustion with high efficiency and rapid combustion speed, significantly reducing the size of combustion equipment. In 2007, LIJU successfully invented the water-cooling premixed combustion technology, emerging in response to the demands of numerous users for boilers with smaller size and lower noise. This initiated their journey in exploring combustion technology. Over a decade of exploration, innovation, and persistence has led to the widespread application of ultra-low NOx emission Water-cooling Premixed Vacuum Hot Water Boilers and Water-cooling Premixed Condensing Steam Boilers across various industries nationwide. This innovation also achieved a global milestone with the premixed combustion single unit power breaking through 35MW.


At the Deqing headquarters' auditorium, experts and scholars discussed the WCB water-cooling premixed combustion technology invented by LIJU.


The Combustion Standard Committee experts and scholars also visited LIJU's intelligent production assembly line.

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