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LIJU Boilers promotes industrial energy saving and carbon reduction

From November 29th to December 2nd, 2023, LIJU was invited to participate in the 2023 China (Ningbo) Industrial Expo held in Ningbo, Zhejiang, as well as the 11th annual Toxicology Conference in Guangzhou, which themed "Focusing on Drug Safety, Incorporating International Perspectives, Aggregating Innovative Technologies, Overcoming Key Bottlenecks, Advancing Innovative R&D, and Promoting Industry Development."


Exhibition Site at the Ningbo International Expo Center

LIJU showcased the Heat Pipe Steam Generator in the exhibition , which garnered significant attention. This upgraded product, derived from the phase change heat exchange principle of LIJU's Vacuum Hot Water Boilers, creatively combines heat pipe technology, water-cooling premixed combustion technology, and steam generation technology, representing a novel gas steam generation device.This generator, with a water volume of less than 30L, emissions less than 30mg/m³of NOx, and is safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. In the photovoltaic industry, it's primarily used to maintain constant humidity in production environments.

Another product, the Ultra-Low NOx Vacuum Hot Water Boiler, mainly provides constant temperature for photovoltaic industry production lines. LIJU, as the inventor of the WCB water-cooling premixed low-NOx combustion technology, combines this with vacuum boiler manufacturing technology to create a safe and efficient vacuum boiler exemplar—the Ultra-Low NOx Vacuum Hot Water Boiler. Designed on the principle of a water tube boiler, this boiler features high flue gas heat transfer coefficients, a compact structure, small volume, and reduced water volume in the thermal medium. It is characterized by higher thermal efficiency, lower noise, and NOx emissions.



Exhibition Site at the Baiyun International Convention and Exhibition Center

At this conference. LIJU presented their WCB water-cooling premixed steam boiler and Heat Pipe Steam Generator among other innovative products.Emphasizing high efficiency, safety, reliability, and environmental and health protection, they are committed to improving medical quality and safety levels.

Boilers, as a common type of thermal energy equipment, are widely used in various industries. Choosing advanced boilers can provide a stable supply of thermal energy, ensuring the continuity and stability of production processes, while also effectively reducing energy consumption and emissions of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide.

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