11.2023 21
Enhance the quality of installation to create a high-quality project

From November 16th to 18th, 2023, leaders of nearly a hundred boiler installation companies, amidsted their hectic schedules, converged at the central headquarters of LIJU in Deqing, delved into the technical standards and requisites of boiler installation.


As the chairman of LIJU He Junnan said, the efficacy of boiler operation is not only contingent upon the inherent quality of the boiler itself but is equally hinged upon the critical aspect of installation qualitywhich directly affects the boiler's safety and energy saving! Only if each link is done well, can we bring more economic value to the user and provide a better experience for the user.


In addition to the exchange of technical experience in boiler installation, the leaders of the installation companies also visited the two production bases of LIJU Daixi Industrial Park.After the detailed introduction by the leaders of LIJU, they really understand the working principle, structural characteristics, advanced production process and quality control of LIJU water-cooling premixed gas boilers so that they could improve the quality of the installation in future projects and work together with LIJU to provide users a better service





What flows away is the time, what remains unchanged is the sentiment.The training time is short but precious.LIJU is committed to using the most advanced equipment technology to manufacture the most core technology of energy-saving boilers, and relying on the rich installation technology and experience of partners across the country to jointly contribute to the cause of boiler safety, energy saving and emission reduction.

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