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About US

LIJU was established in 1997,headquartered in Hangzhou ,Zhejiang Province. LIJU is a new high-tech enterprise with the collection of R&D,production,sale and service .The company covers 120000m2 of two modern production base .Vacuum hot water boiler and steam generator are main products of LIJU.

LIJU is the largest manufacturing company of vacuum boilers ,which made the first vacuum hot water boiler in china .In the past 16 years ,LIJU has continuously improve the efficiencyand safety of boilers on the basis of independent creation and science and technology R&D . It’s proved in pratice that vacuum boilers have the highest heating efficiency and the best perfomance in domestic heating field. The steam generator of LIJU instead of ordinary steam boilers got acceptance widely from users with high efficiency,safety, no-inspection.

“No boiler explodes” is the eternal mission of LIJU! LIJU devoted to offer the most safe and energy-saving boilers and created more values for users .

Brand meaning

Unite- power (Power-gathing), Unity is strength.

Core values



A responsible enterprise should be put forth effort on contiuation of human civlization. Duty foremost, sci-tech innovation.

China is an industrialized developed country .A series of problems about environment and resources appeared with the developing of industrialization. Enterprises should shoulder their social responsibilities facing worsening environment and barren resources .

Since its inception in 1997,LIJU have been devoting to the most energy-efficient heating system. In the process of from making the first vacuum boiler to making the most advanced steam generators without inspection, LIJU has taken the road of energy-saving and environment friendly in heating field on the basis of independent creation and sci-tech development.

Development History

1997,LIJU was founded

He Junnan and Zhejiang University jointly founded Hangzhou LIJU company .
They made the first vacuum hot water boiler in china.

1997~2003,developed vacuum hot water

Between 1997 and 2013,developed vacuum hot water unit from the first generation to the third generation.
Heating load (Max.): 240*104kcal/h
Autamatic level:<10%

2004,developed the fourth generation vacuum hot water unit.

In 2004, developed the fourth generation vacuum hot water unit.
Heating load (Max.): 360*104kcal/h

2007,45,000 m2production base put into use.

45,000m2production base put into use.

2008,developed the fifth generation condensation vacuum hot water unit.

In 2008,developed the fifth generation condensation vacuum hot water unit.
Heating load (Max.): 600*104kcal/h

2008,developed Fully premixed vacuum hot water unit

For civil low pressure gas ,high efficiency and low noise
Power combustion systems with proprietary intellectual property rights

2011,developed steam generator without inspection

LIJU gas-fired steam generator
Tons: 0.5~2.0T/H
According to the rules of “Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Administration Regulation”, the steam boiler with water volume less than 30L isn’t within the scope of Boiler Safety Supervision and doesn’t need the report for approval or annual inspection.

2011,developed outdoor overall boiler room

Outdoor overall boiler room
Heating load (Max.): 360*104kcal/h
Wind-proof Rain-proof Frost-proof

2012,build the biggest vacuum boilers all over the world

66,000m2production base put into use, the biggest vacuum boilers all over the world.

2013,developed the new fifth generation vacuum hot water unit

New the fifth generation condesation vacuum hot water unit
Heating load (Max.): 600*104kcal/h
The biggest vacuum hot water unit all over the world